Youth Fitness Program


Our youth fitness program will help start your children in a healthy direction early on! Whether their purpose for training is to get better at a certain sport or just to get healthy, this program is for them. Participants will learn exercises for speed, strength, agility, balance coordination, and more!

Youth Program Details

  • Youth classes are 90 minutes
  • Kids ages 11-16 welcome!
  • This program includes a workout, health lesson, and light lunch.
  • Youth Classes currently Run Monday – Thursday from 12pm-1:30-pm.
  • Cost is $30 per session or a 10 pack for $250 (that’s a $50 savings!)

More than Exercise

The benefits of building healthy habits early are immense. In addition to learning safe and effective exercise techniques, the youth classes at Stonecipher Fitness help participants focus on good nutrition habits, teamwork, personal confidence, and leadership! Start your child on a healthy journey early, contact us [link to contact page] today to find the right program for their needs.

Youth Fitness Program

How can I Sign My Child up for a Class?

Use our online scheduling system to start your child on a healthy journey today! If you have questions give us a call 734-228-5153.

Youth Fitness Program

Benefits of Exercise at a Young Age

Youth and teens can benefit from regular exercise and proper nutrition in the following ways:

  • Reducing potential health risks – Youth and teens who exercise can decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, possibly lower blood pressure, and even reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Emotional well-being – Kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle the physical and emotional challenges that can be presented in any regular day.
  • Increased energy levels – Regular exercise not only helps adults feel more energized but kids as well and will allow them to be more active and engaged during the day.
  • Combats obesity – Since exercise helps control body fat, starting at a young age will help youth and teens grow up to be healthier adults and help reduce the rate of obesity.


What’s Best for your Child?

Do you have questions or concerns about enrolling your youth or teen into our exercise classes? Contact us today to speak with our trained professionals!


Our prices are simple for our Youth Fitness Program but you can save money depending on the amount of sessions purchased. Check out our savings by purchasing a package today!

Class Type 1 Session 10 Pack Savings
Youth Session $30 $250 $50