Jon Stonecipher

Experience:10 Years


Jon Stonecipher

Owner & Head Coach


Growing up, I was a member of multiple unhealthy families and experienced the effects first hand. They lacked the knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is something we see in most people, but as I grew up, I found a connection to fitness through sports.

Following high school, I hit a rough patch and started going down a bad path emotionally. I didn’t know how to cope with what I was feeling. When I found myself at my lowest point, in fear of what was going to happen next, I heard a commercial for an institute for Personal Training and it truly changed my life.

I applied, I was accepted, and soon before long I was learning the craft that I have come to love with every ounce of my being. Many clients have come to me with goals, aspirations, or are just in need of life changing circumstances that could potentially save their lives, but what they don’t know is that helping them helps me.

While I have spent a great deal of time with amazing trainers in corporate settings, what I’ve learned is that much of our industry acts as though they care about the client but are really fueled by profit. The client and trainers came second next to revenue and I saw a need to bring something different to fitness and personal training. At Stonecipher Fitness, our first objective is the client’s success and our plan has always been to help everyone we meet reach their goals, thrive, and succeed in their life.

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Habit Building
Confidence Boosting
Strength & Performance
Life Management