Dylan Elgas

Dylan Elgas

Fitness Trainer


At the age of 13, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a potentially aggressive auto-immune disease. It resulted in me growing up with a fragile ego and a very closed-off personality. Additionally, I went through a few rough patches in life, due to the people I associated with, but this all ultimately led me to the path I’m on today.

I began sharing my story, and what I went through as a teenager, some of the most influential years of my life, when I was around the age of 17. The support I began to receive made me realize that I don’t have to let my disability stop me from accomplishing anything in my life.

When I started my journey, my goals were centered around “looking good,” which quickly changed when I realized the benefits of proper nutrition and more movement throughout the day. Now, I dedicate a lot of my time to eating healthy, exercising, and pursuing my degree in nutrition science and dietetics. Helping people improve their quality of life, as I have improved mine, has quickly become my greatest passion.