We’ve Gone VIRTUAL!

While we are temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 shut down, we are excited to launch our LIVE online classes!

Good News! All of our classes are FREE! If you can’t make our morning class times, you can still catch the videos on our Facebook page to do on your own time!

If you feel like helping us out during this time (and are able), we have setup a STONECIPHER FUND. This fund helps us continue to pay for our facility during this time that we can’t be there, as well as help our our Stonecipher Team (Coaches, Massage Therapist, and Support Staff) who are missing out on their hours during this shutdown.

If you’d like to donate, you can either Paypal or Venmo us with our email, – Thank you for your support during this time!!

We have Three Class Types to Choose From:

  1. FITNESS – 40 minutes – Full Body Workout – no equipment necessary but if you have some available to you at home, we’ll show you how to incorporate it!
  2. MOBILITY – 40 minutes – a class meant to give your joints some love and attention! This slow paced class is good for everyone who wants to stay mobile! No equipment needed.
  3. SWEAT – 20 minutes – cardiovascular movements to get that heart-rate up! No equipment needed.

Online Class Schedule and Sign Up:

To join a class, simply go to our FACEBOOK PAGE when it’s time! We will be there about 5 minutes before class starts!

A couple of things to note about our classes:

**Do these classes at your own risk. We are not liable if you trip over your dog doing lunges during the workout

**You won’t hear music from us, just instruction and motivation. Bring your own tunes to rock out to!

**Grab some soup cans and a chair to enhance your experience, although it’s not needed!


*Note that all of our classes are done in Eastern Standard Time


6am – Mobility

9am- Fitness

10am – Sweat

Saturday & Sunday – we will post workouts for you to do on your own time at your own pace, however we will not have any LIVE classes on the weekends for now.


We use MINDBODY for Scheduling

Get connected to our wellness services and schedule your appointments through the website or your phone.