Personal Training


Are you looking for help in reaching your health goals? If so, Stonecipher Fitness is here for you! Our personal training services offer you the chance to work one-on-one with a coach to improve your health. Our trainers provide the necessary encouragement and support to achieve your goals. If you’re not experienced with working out, personal training is perfect for you. The NASM certified trainers at Stonecipher Fitness will help you create a custom program specific to your goals, health, and lifestyle. Your trainer will know what exercises you should be doing, and how to safely push your body to achieve results without injury. Our personal trainers will assist you in getting the most out of your fitness experience while providing you individualized support. Contact the professionals at Stonecipher Fitness today for a consultation on which program is right for you!

Benefits of Personal Training

  • Achieve Results Faster– Your personal trainer will put together program that will achieve your goals. This individualized program will be scheduled based on your needs. Therefore, maximizing your time while keeping you safe.
  • Guidance– If you are new to exercise, your personal trainer can help you with the basics. They will show you the correct way to perform every move.
  • Accountability and Motivation– The personal training services at Stonecipher Fitness are here to assist you in your journey. We learn about you and the motivation behind your health journey. Thus, we can assist you with sticking to the path.
  • Varied workouts– A personal trainer can give you new ideas for your workouts. They can help you set and achieve new goals.
  • Challenge– Personal training can help you challenge your limits, while still providing you the support and security of knowing you have a certified professional guiding you.
  • Modification– Our NASM certified trainers have the knowledge and experience to modify your training to consider injuries or illness. We can develop an individualized program that accounts for your needs.

What's the Best Fitness Class for You?

Are you wondering which class offering is best for you? Contact our team today for a consultation on which program will help you achieve your goals!

Partner Training

Partner training is the perfect solution for those who want the feeling of personal training with the camaraderie of a workout partner. Partner training is great for friends, couples, or families. These personal training sessions consist of 2 clients with 1 personal trainer. Sessions are still more individualized; however, you have the added benefit of a supportive friend and accountability partner. Many people find that partner training is the perfect balance between individual and group training classes. Sign-up with a partner and you can both work towards a healthier and happier life together.

Please note: Due to our close-knit relationships with clients and highly-personalized workout plans, we do not offer open gym hours. Our studio is appointment and class-based. Please contact us today or visit our gym for a consultation with one of our highly trained professionals!


Our prices are the same for both of our massage therapy programs but vary depending on the amount of sessions and time. They start at $35 for a single, 30-minute session and go up to $105 for a single, two-hour session. Check out our savings by purchasing a package today!

Class Type 1 Session 10 Pack Savings 20 Pack Savings
Personal Training $75 $650 $100 $1,200 $300
Partner Training
(per person)
$50 $450 $50 $800 $200