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You’ve heard it before, what you eat plays a HUGE role in the success of reaching your health goals! Whether your goal is to lose weight, run a marathon, tone up, get yourself off medications, or just feel better, you have to have the proper fuel. We also realize that everybody is different, and this isn’t always an easy process. Here at Stonecipher Fitness, we provide the opportunity to work one-on-one with a certified nutrition coach who will educate you on good nutrition and help guide you towards a healthy lifestyle that will work for you, your body’s needs and your health goals.

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What We Offer

Stonecipher Fitness offers a variety of ways to learn about education. We do private one-on-one coaching, utilize incredibly helpful online resources, and do nutrition seminars throughout the year. Our Coaches will help you recognize what is currently holding your body back, and make a plan together on how to break those habits, and build new lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime. While we offer many options revolving around weight loss, we can also assist you in gaining weight, fueling for athletic performance, and adapting to new lifestyles, such as becoming vegetarian or vegan.

You’ll learn about the following with our certified nutrition coach:

  • Nutrition education– You will learn everything you need to know to get on track to a healthier lifestyle and to reach your health goals.
  • Food– What foods you should be eating, and also avoiding, to reach your personal health goals.
  • Cooking – We realize it’s easy to say “eat veggies” and “don’t eat a lot of sugar” but that doesn’t mean that people know how to cook that way! Our Coaches will equip you with recipes, so you can actually learn how to cook these foods we suggest yourself (if you don’t already know how). We want you to become a master of your own healthy kitchen!
  • Gut– Our certified nutrition coaches will educate you on gut issues and how to heal from them.
  • Fad diets– Have questions about different “fad diets” such as paleo, keto, etc. We will teach you all about weight-loss trends and which ones are safe to try.
  • Food labels– Food labels and nutrition facts can be tough to navigate, so we’ll provide you with the tools to read through them with ease.
  • Supplements– No single person’s body composition is the same. Our nutrition coaches can help you decide based on your dietary needs and fitness goals on what essential vitamins, minerals, and other supplements you may need (if any) to thrive.
  • Grocery Shopping – Not sure where to start in the grocery store? Can’t find the quinoa? We will teach you how to shop, what to look for, the traps to avoid, and more. We also offer Grocery Store Tours in person at the local stores from time to time throughout the year.

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