Nutrition Programs


Stonecipher Fitness offers participants a variety of nutrition programs depending on your needs and budget.

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Nutrition Coaching

In this session, you’ll sit down with our Nutrition Coach for an hour and talk about your current eating habits, and learn about some of the basic changes you can make to reach your goals. You’ll leave this session with a focus on how to get started on your own healthy eating lifestyle.

Pro Coach

Our online resource which also utilizes interaction with our nutrition coach. This online program will help keep you accountable, motivated, setting small attainable goals that will help you get to your overall health goals, track your food and so much more. You’ll also get plenty of feedback from our Nutrition Coach along the way to keep you moving in the right direction.

Custom Meal Plans

With our custom meals plans, we give you an exact guide of what to eat, how much to eat, and tailor it to YOUR exact needs. Our meal plans include:

  • Meeting with our Nutrition Coach – if you sign up for a custom meal plan, you’ll first sit down with our Coach so we can learn about your goals, current habits, lifestyle, food preferences and more. Based on this information, your Coach will come up with a meal plan for you.
  • Customization – don’t eat beef, allergic to eggs, gluten-free, you name it…. we’ve heard it, and we can help you work around it! That’s why this is a PERSONAL meal plan, it’s very personal and designed to work for you.
  • 4 weeks’ worth of meal planning, each week includes a different menu
  • Easy to follow recipes for all of your meals on the menu

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Our Nutrition Program have varying costs.

  • Single Session Nutrition Coaching – $75 (1 Hour)
  • Pro Coach – $25/month
  • Custom Meal Plans (includes a 1-hour and 4 week meal plan) – $175