Sports Massage Therapy


The sports massage therapy program at Stonecipher Fitness is aimed to help those who not only have tight muscles from exercise or need added help to recover from a tough workout, but also those who carry stress from work or home. Through deep tissue massage, our licensed massage therapists will assist with your recovery while providing some lasting relief.

Benefits of Sports Massage

The American Massage Therapy Association says that there are multiple benefits to massage, especially for athletes. These include:

  • Relieves muscle pain– The massage therapy programs at Stonecipher Fitness target the source of pain and eliminate tense and/or sore muscles, which in turn can increase flexibility.
  • Improves muscle recoveryStudies show that getting a massage after exercise reduces inflammation and can boost the process that produces energy in the body.
  • Enhances athletic performance– When you receive massage therapy on a regular basis can allow your muscles to recover faster, which allows you train longer and harder.
  • Increase range of motion– Regular message relaxes your muscles, increasing flexibility and the ability to stretch correctly.

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Deep Tissue Massage Technique

Deep tissue massage targets the inner layers of your muscles, tendons, and deep connective tissue. This makes it best suited for athletes, runners, and people with injuries, but can also be beneficial to those with chronic pain conditions such as back pain. Additionally, deep tissue is great for those in search of something more intense than a Swedish massage.


Our prices are the same for both of our massage therapy programs but vary depending on the amount of sessions and time. They start at $35 for a single, 30-minute session and go up to $105 for a single, two-hour session. Check out our savings by purchasing a package today!

Time 1 Session 5 Pack Savings 10 Pack Savings
30 Minutes $35 $155 $20 $270 $80
1 Hour $60 $270 $30 $500 $100
1.5 Hour $80 $395 $30 $750 $100
2 Hours $105 $495 $30 $950 $100